Medicare Part D: Tips for those who forgot to sign up again

Medicare Part D: Tips for those who forgot to sign up again

Open enrollment ended on December 7, last Saturday, and except you are eligible for a Special Entry Period, you will not be able to register in Part D till next October. This week I received calls from Medicare recipients who are stunned, nonviolent. They shouted at me, hanged and cursed. Frankly, this does not baffle me, but it made me want to write a blog to help people understand their options if they lose their Part D registration. Below are some ideas on how to ease the pain of paying for your prescriptions. Enjoy your pocket!


Search for “Prescription Coupons” keywords in your search engine and on hundreds of pop-up pages that offer coupons for every imaginable drug. You can also search for your specific medicine by typing in “Medicine Name” coupons in your search engine. Another approach is to contact the firm that sells your medicine and ask if they have coupons for Medicare Advantage Plans that they can mail you. Most companies also have coupons or good deals available on their websites. It may appear very easy, but in some cases it is the simplest solutions that function.

Revenue Assistance Programs

There are several programs like these, some specific to each state. These policies are not safe, but they help with the costs of prescription drugs.

You must apply and be eligible to qualify for an assistance program. After you sign in, you will usually receive a membership discount card that can be used to receive discounts at pharmacies.

The difficult thing about these programs is that you cannot qualify for Part D after signing up for an assistance program. These programs are really for persons in dire need who cannot pay for their prescription medications or pay Part D premiums or deductibles. Now, there are also specific programs for seniors as well as programs to which only people under 65 can sign up. It is important that you check before submitting the application.

One program I found after just ten minutes of research is RXassist.

Pharmacy Programs

Big supermarkets like Walmart and HEB offer discount pharmacy programs (I reside in central Texas, and we have HEB, however I’m sure there are also competitive supermarkets in other states). By signing up for these programs, you can get some (not all) prescription drugs that you use at greatly reduced prices. There are small upfront fees you must pay to sign up for these programs, but you can get prescription drugs at extremely low prices ($5.00 for a 30-day HEB supply). Walmart also has a competitive program with some drugs listed for $4.